A handle bag with shoulder strap, Ava, is crafted from nappa calfskin with unique iconic double crosses and curved bottom and fair gussets which relate to lively butterfly. Additionally, it brings the urbane design and create a functional and practical bag.

We all know that butterfly wings as exquisite as charming woman identity. With the Ava’s concept, we aim to encourage woman to be confident as who you are.

AVA Mini

With a perfect balance where function on meets design, our Ava brings liveliness, charms and sophistication to those who carry. Likewise, women might have countless accessories in closet yet wearing Ava would never let them regret. It can be said that Ava, a handy bag that suited for urban lifestyles, can be used for every day and every occasion.


Founded on the principles of femininity, freedom, and confidence. Crafted with high-quality materials, the accessories you repeatedly want to wear. Fundao presents a collection that explores what it means to be a woman in modern society.

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Mother Nature to
The City Life

Fundao is a thoughtful yet charming brand that utilises organic materials with the goal of drawing the natural world closer to women’s lives. The brand itself is inspired by how nature has, from the very beginning, been the source of human existence and how it’s always been meaningful to and intertwined with people’s lives. It can be said that getting inspiration from Mother Earth is a classic trend. This is because everyone can relate. It’s universal. It’s also due to the fact that nature is incredibly diverse; there are endless ideas that can be drawn from the living world.

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