Mother Nature to The City Life

In this digital age, where everyone is using and consuming technology, life is much more fast-paced than ever before. We are constantly surrounded by tall concrete buildings, especially in the big cities. We often crave the idea of escaping the chaos and seek to connect with the wilderness whenever we can.

The brand itself is inspired by how nature has, from the very beginning, been the source of human existence and how it’s always been meaningful to and intertwined with people’s lives. It can be said that getting inspiration from Mother Earth is a classic trend. This is because everyone can relate. It’s universal. It’s also since nature is incredibly diverse; there are endless ideas that can be drawn from the living world.

Every bag is inspired by the nature. The starting point for the design is in Milan and the rest of the materials are sourced elsewhere in Italy. The first collection is all about natural freshwater pearls as they are unique among gemstones and simply stunning the way they naturally form. These pearls are carefully handpicked in Phuket, which is also the birthplace of the founder.

Fundao is not just a collection of bags, but an offering from nature. Because the natural world creates life, carrying one of these products will make you feel alive.

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