Ava Classic Blanc

USD 490

Bag Dimension: W40 x H24 X D16 (Cm)
Shoulder Strap: 66 (Cm)

Body: Calfskin
Lining: Light Alcantara
Bag parts: brass


Specifically collection to spirited working and energetic woman who searching for approachable luxurious bag. The design of Ava is functional and practical used; meanwhile the main concept of Fundao, Mother Nature to the city life, is still conserved.

With a perfect balance where function on meets design, our Ava brings liveliness, charms and sophistication to those who carry. Likewise, women might have countless accessories in closet yet wearing Ava would never let them regret. It can be said that Ava, a handy bag that suited for urban lifestyles, can be used for every day and every occasion.

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